Skyler Meany


West Palm Beach, FL


Post-/Pan-Genre, Experimental, Genrefluid

Years Active:

2004- Present


Weird Records


Skyler Meany is a musician from South Florida, born with an itch for the unorthodox. A prolific artist and master craftsman of experimental music in all genres, he walks a musical path with no chains that bind. a post-genre maven, spanning the gap from metal to rap to synthwave to country, Skyler Meany has something to offer everyone, and always has more to come.

"Hey, I wanted to thank my fans for all the love and support! You've been incredible, and you drive me to be a better musician and performer every day. I'm currently working day and night on music, striving to release at least one album per month. If you have any genre requests for albums, feel free to reach out to me. I'm open to making any kind of music. I'd like to thank my family, my friends, all those who I've collaborated with and all my fans. I'd also like to dedicate my music to Nick DeMato, R.I.P. brother. I love and appreciate you all! Enjoy the site and the music!"




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